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Our poutine is a tasty meal made of French fries covered with fresh cheese curds and a thick, brown gravy, yum!. It originated in the province of Quebec, but has become a popular food throughout Canada. For some people poutine is the ultimate comfort food. A serving of poutine looks like a big mess, but it tastes delicious. It's traditionally associated with lunch or dinner, but you can also eat it for breakfast (not recommended). Restaurants, pubs, sports stadiums, and food vendor trucks still serve this, but not like us!.

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Why Choose Our Chicken Wings?

Well you'll have to come visit us to decide!!!

It's science... for starters, there's a higher skin to meat percentage than any other part of the chicken, obviously!. You may not notice, but the skin of the chicken wing helps create that succulent mouth feel. Plus not to mention our one of a kind flavour. It's also mechanically appealing to humans because of the bone and size, I'll order 30 wings please!. You can eat a lot of them without the hassle of say crab or lobster, right!!! Enjoy our wings, they are one of the best you will experiemce.

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Ice Cream, Ice Cream, we all Scream for Ice Cream!

Ice cream makes everything better—life, the world and a hot summers day!

We all know that ice cream is nothing but one of the best things on Earth!!!. The best food, the best dessert and the best pick-me-up there is. So, here's a shout out to all the ice cream lovers of the world, here it is, right here at The Fork!

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